What Would It Be Worth to Have Step-by-Step Answers to All Jiujitsu Submissions and Positions Right at Your Fingertips.

Fumbling through endless, crappy Youtube videos.

It’s about as effective for solving your Jiu Jitsu problems as having your new iPad delivered by carrier pidgeon.

My name’s Ken Primola, and for over 25 years I’ve been studying the game of grappling, competing actively, and continuously documenting positions and strategies of BJJ. I also run one of the most popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fanpages in the world at Facebook.com/ILoveBJJ.

I’ve created what I consider to be the Ultimate BJJ Resource for Blue and White Belts – a top-down, step-by-step “Encyclopedia” of positions, combinations, drills, submissions and techniques that would otherwise take someone years and years to develop.

Guard, Side Mount, Chokes, Leg Locks, You Name It! Flip to the Page and It’s ON!

Here’s the whole point of you having access to this unique resource:

Giving you a consistent reference guide for Skill-Building, strategy and technique from ANYWHERE in the Jiu Jitsu Universe.

Get stuck in a position too often? Want to find a drill to work on a particular guard pass? Need to know an effective choke from a new transition? Want to build a powerful combination of sweeps? Need to find complimentary techniques that fit into YOUR game?

You’re covered.

I’ve been teaching, training, competing, and carefully documenting BJJ all the way through my Black Belt (and now – beyond!), and this is the “Master-Work” of years of training an analysis.

Why We Called This Encyclopedia the “Elephant Book”

We called it the Elephant book for 2 Reasons:

  1. It’s HUGE, undoubtedly the Largest and Most Extensive BJJ or Grappling eBook ever created
  2. Because once you have this book to reference, you’ll NEVER FORGET important transitions, techniques, drills, etc…

You Don’t Just Have a Series of Moves, You Have a MAP of Combinations and Possibilities!

 You might have a leg lock course, a spider guard course, a gi choke course – but what’s a lot LESS common (and by less common, I mean “Nobody is Doing It!”) – is a resource to encompass Position, Technique, Transition, and DRILLING for all the major areas of Jiu Jitsu. That’s exactly what makes the Encyclopedia so powerful.


Lets take a look at the Jiu Jitsu Treasure Trove you’ll have access to:


1254 Pages – What’s Inside:

Each chapter has been carefully organized and set up to ensure your success, and to provide the Basic Foundation and Advanced-level details that the position deserves. The unique eBook format not only saves oodles of space on your computer, but also allows you to “Flip” to whatever section you’d like at any time, without the confusion of scrolling through hours of video to find the one move you liked!


What you’ve got here is a “War-Chest” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Knowledge, Drills and More:

  1. Basic Positional Mastery [64 Pages] - Never be lost in a position. Discover the little-known essential details of all of the basic positions of Jiu Jitsu (with subtle advancements that are necessary to point out due to the evolution of Jiu Jitsu). This ebooks covers side control, mount, seated guard, closed guard, etc...) - as well as "foundational" level.techniques from each of them.
  2. Back Taking Made Easy [38 Pages] - Year after year studies show the highest percentage of finishes in grappling come from having the back. You will now become a master at taking the back so you will have mastery of the most lethal position in all of Jiu Jitsu
  3. [Modern Game Series] -Berimbolo Made Easy [18 Pages] - You are going to learn the easiest way to learn the berimbolo. I have taught this to the most athletic and some of the most uncoordinated people alike, and this is the absolute best way to learn the berimbolo hands down. The thing about learning the berimbolo is that I hardly even go for it. But knowing how to use it is actually great for reversing it and countering the modern guard players or easily getting out of it since you will now know how to reverse engineer it..
  4. 101 Sweeps [320 Pages} - If you never picked up 101 Sweeps you have it now. One of our flagship courses that is particularly great when it comes to having light-bulb moments.
  5. Nasty Leg Lock Submissions and Defenses - Whew! When you start learning and understanding these leglocks you will not fear leglocks anymore. I show you the levers and handles that make the difference. This will allow you to understand how easy it is to escape. It's about being first and being able to react and put your opponent in a worse spot. This book will make you a leg lock wizard in no time.
  6. BJJ Competitive Edge (Effective Sparring) - This is a book that is not even out on the market yet. It basically shows you all of the best strategies I learned over the years for quicker skill development. I go in to what national and olympic champions do while sparring that even a white belt can copy. It's actually pretty easy and fun to use these strategies. On top of that you will get better much more rapidly than your classmates (but I think telling them about the strategies can actually help you all get better together, so feel free to tell them)..
  7. [Modern Game Series] Worm Guard Made Simple - Never played Worm Guard? Now you can. I made this so simple that if my grandmother read this should could even play worm guard. This ebook focuses on how to set this guard up with some details that will assure you don't get your guard passed. Not only that you will now be able to play a position that many have no idea how to stop. Just don't take advantage of it when you start sweeping them. Be sure to make it fair and teach this stuff to your teammates.
  8. Grappling Takedowns Formula (Setting Up Grapplers) [84 Pages]- Whether you start on the feet or the ground, you will now have an advantage, which is knowledge. Just by reading this booklet you can honestly begin to telegraph your opponent while on the feet.
  9. Sport Related Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Exercises [103 Pages] - Start doing these at home exercises and you will become a beast in no time. Your cardio will skyrocket and people will need to ask to take a rest when you roll. These exercises are out for the box and will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to endurance and strength on the mat..
  10. Black Belt Truths - This is what I consider to be privileged information. This short guide will pretty much shed light on what you can expect and the experiences I have had at the elite level (my experiences teaching, competing, and what's in store for you). Even though this is a short booklet, I think the advice alone is worth the whole BJJ Elephant package..
  11. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Nutrition Handbook - This guide is the simplest way to east for brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It does not get all that complex with the jargon and you will not be counting calories or doing other boring stuff that makes most people fail at eating healthy. This will actually make it easy and fun and the changes are very minimal, just more efficient and this book talks about the timing of meals which is really important.
  12. Plus much much more (like 50 other books but I'd be writing all day 🙂

“This is Awesome! What What’s the Investment, Ken?”

Let it first be known that since getting into teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu online (through videos, ebooks, etc…) – I’ve had a number of courses for over $200.00. For a resource of this size – precisely built for the newer grappler – I’d probably be better off keeping my prices higher – but I wanted to do something different for this course.

Because I’m able to offer these Volumes in an ebook (thus dropping my material and shipping costs, and allowing for faster delivery to you), I’m selling this entire ENCYCLOPEDIA of Jiu Jitsu for not $200, not even $100, but just 27 Bucks!add-to-cart

60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

For me, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a lifestyle, a passion, and a calling. Though few other people put out eBooks, some people have put out DVDs and videos that – frankly – weren’t all that good and never delivered on what was promised. This is disappointing to me, and that’s why I personally guarantee what I offer.

So here’s what I’m saying to you. If for whatever reason, within the first 60 days of you having your own copy of the BJJ Encyclopedia, you decide it’s not for you – simply contact me for a full refund. No questions asked.

I know what the value of this program is, and I’m MORE than confident enough in the DEPTH, Detail, Technique, Strategy, and Drilling content in each of the chapters you’re about to get your hands on. In that respect, I’ve flipped the risk on ME to deliver something you’ll use for YEARS as a reference guide for your grappling game.

Plus, These Funny Bonuses!

- Email me with any specific questions after you get your copy of the Elephant Book, and I’ll shoot a custom technique instructional for you!

- I’ll mail you a lizard in a shoebox – FREE

- I’ll call your girlfriend and tell her to stay with you – no matter WHAT you’ve done in the past

A Pretty Simple Decision – and a Question For You

 As someone committed to improvement in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it’s up to you which courses you invest in, and how you go about building your skills.

Do you currently have an all-encompassing, step-by-step guide to ALL of the positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

If your answer was “no,” then the choice is to “Frankenstein” that kind of resource from a bunch of different video programs / books (probably a $600 undertaking – especially when you look at how much THIS course covers). The downside here is not only trying to keep it organized so that you can learn from it for years, but it’s also the fact that it’s expensive as heck, and most of the websites you get these courses from would never give you all of your money back if you didn’t like the program.

Or, you could get in on this program now and start TODAY (no waiting for the mail to see if you like it or not) to build a better Jiu Jitsu game – all in one place. For only $27 bucks, it’s literally a STEAL.


I know you’ll experience leaps and bounds if you apply the methods in this book – and see all of the fresh new connections to your game (and answers to your Jiu Jitsu problems).

Wishing you the best on the mat and beyond,

-Ken Primola

PS: Remember the Bonuses! Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this resource now before the limited-time Bonuses are TOAST.

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