New Online Course Reveals: An entire tachiwaza and submission system jam packed with effective ippon scoring techniques - all from the cross grip!

This system will totally revolutionize your tachi waza and standing submission game....and if it doesn't, I'll refund you no questions asked!

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** This Is A Online Video Program. There Is No Physical DVD  **

Gripping is everything (and believe me, I'm a lightweight)

All my life I was small. Smallest in the class, smallest on the Rugby field, smallest in the Judo club and smallest on the Olympic team. I have always been small - and because of this I had to learn how to grip to control my opponents and not allow them their best grip, whilst simultaneously trying to set up my techniques - and to do this I used a lot of Cross Grips.

I used a lot of Seoi nage and Ouchi gari attacks from the Cross Grip but the more I progressed in my Judo the more I found that the Cross Grip position is a position where you can have multiple attacks in your arsenal.

Once I realised this I started to add tai otoshi's, kouchi's, sumi gaeshi's and other throws into my attacking Judo. In addition I found a number of standing submissions you can do, as well as throws that come off the submission attempts -  and ALL FROM THE CROSS GRIP!

And these are the techniques you will find in the Cross Grip Formula.

  • Attacking Sequences from the Cross grip

    In this video course I show you over 21 different techniques from the Cross grip including smooth entries into seoi nage, ouchi, kouchi and Osoto. Each technique fits together to ensure you have all bases covered when your partner evades your attacks.

  • Super Effective Armbars AND Strangles

    Yes, you read this correctly. I will show you multiple ways to submit your opponent from the cross grip. Many of these I learnt from years of fighting with the cross grip as well as watching the grappling greats such as Russian powerhouse Tmenov.

  • How the Cross Grip links to EVERY SINGLE Judo grip

    The Cross grip links so well with all other grips and gripping patterns and in this video course I will show you HOW and WHY the cross grip and cross grip attacks should be a major part of your tachiwaza game.

Check out this sneak peek video:

In this video you will learn how good the Cross Grip links with EVERY OTHER Judo grip and this is one of the main reasons why you should use it in your Judo game.

Access This Course Now For Only $41.97

*** This Is A Online Video Program. There Is No Physical DVD  ***

In this package you will learn:

  • Quick and easy ways to outsmart your opponent and get the cross grip
  • Smooth entries into Seoi nage and Morote seoi nage - even if you're not that fast!
  • A high percentage Ouchi gari that will annoy the heck out of your circling opponents
  • Find out how to whip the judogi in a way that will stop your opponent from controlling your powerhand whilst allowing you to attack with your favourite techniques
  • How to break grips using the cross grip as well as what to look out for so you won't get countered
  • A devastating standing armbar (and all it's variations) that I learnt from watching Russian powerhouse Tmenov
  • How to use the Cross Grip to set up a competition legal guillotine
  • Matt's best sumi gaeshi setup (which he used to win a few matches on his pan american tour back in 2010
  • Matt will also tech you the "Stephen Dott" style Sode tsuri Komi Goshi. Dott was a junior World Champ who has an highly effective, yet unknown sode entry which will catch your opponents by surprise
  • ands loads more!!

Here is what some people say about Matt D'Aquino

William Schrimsher

Within ten minutes of watching, I learned several common mistakes I was making with my cross gripping and how to be more effective. Matt clearly explains What the Cross grip is, Why we would want it, where and when to use the cross grip, and how to get there.

All too often you see someone use a clever little trick but when you try it, you can't seem to make it work the way they did. Not the case here, Matt goes through troubleshooting, and shows you what to practice, and to drill to be EFFECTIVE with the cross grip.

Multiple entries to the grip, tips and tricks on how to hold it, or flow to other grips and multiple strategies and gameplans, from grips, to throws, to matwork. I'm putting this in my class curriculum and drills IMMEDIATELY.

Get this video set, and get gripping!

William Schrimsher, Judo Black Belt USA
Vaughan Jackson

" I have purchased almost all of Matt D'Aquino's products, and they are awesome! They are not overly expensive either. Matt is an experienced Judoka, Grappler and BJJ Player. But the best thing about him is that he can really teach, which not all competitors can do. I have also found Matt to be very friendly and approachable when it comes to technical questions too. This man genuinely loves to help! ".

Vaughan Jackson, New Zealand
Josh Vogel

I have been following Matt's online products for years now and he always puts out great stuff. His instruction is always clear, systematic and well thought out with the appropriate amount of detail given (without overloading with unnecessary information, which I can't stand. I think it is a unique mix of Matts high level Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu that gves him a special insight of how to get this stuff across.

Josh Vogel, Balance Studios

You also get these bonuses!

Bonus #1 Uchimata Setups for Competition Judoka

Uchimata is the classical Judo technique used by many top Judoka around the world. In this DVD Matt shows you a ton of setups you can use to start throwing people with Uchimata.

If you are a competition player who likes to do Uchimata, or wants to start Uchimata, then this is the video for you.

Bonus #2 Everything Sumi Gaeshi

In this 33 minute video Matt shows you every single attack into AND out of Sumi gaeshi. This DVD is great for anyone who has a good ground game, and wants to score a waza ari before commencing newaza.

Bonus #3 Winners Guide to Nutrition

Maximise your performance with the right nutrition. Training hard and eating right is the recipe for success. This eBook is the perfect eBook for recreational and competition Judoka.

Discover what to eat before, during and after practice to ensure you get the most out of yourself each and every session.

Bonus #4 Quick and Easy Meals for the Busy Judoka

It can be busy and stressful when your days are busy and full. Included are 25 quick and easy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These meals will provide you with enough healthy nutrients to assist in recovery between training sessions!

Bonus #5 Seminar series

At Matts dojo he often runs mini seminars on various topics. Here you will recvee access to 2 of Matts latest seminars. The first is on the russian tie and the other is on no gi single leg takedowns.

These videos were filmed during the seminar so you will feel like you are actually in ones of Matts classes. these seminars were open to both Judo and BJJ practitioners so keep your eyes out for pickups, leg grabs, leg drags, ankle picks and even a kani basami attack.

Bonus #6 Competition Mindset Videos

In these 6 videos Matt breaks down important concepts to help you on competitionday. These tips include:

  • How to be a good liar on comp day (to ensure you are feeling great mentally)
  • The importance of a good warm up, and how to avoid 'gassing out' in the first two minutes of the match
  • How vital it is to have a good relationship with your coach on comp day
  • How to be selfish on competition day
  • How to replace negatives thoughts with positive ones

These videos are a must for anyone looking for an edge on competition day.



Bonus #6 Competition Preparation Manual

If you are a beginner or intermediate Judoka looking at competing then this manual is a good start. I discuss various topics such as tapering for the competition, weighing in, rehydration methods as well as what I do to warm up and mentally get my head in the game. I also discuss the strategies I put in place to stop my family and friends pestering me (on competition day) as well as the need to reflect on your performance in order to continually improve as a Judoka.

This Product Comes With A 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Purchase The Product right now, and keep it for 60 DAYS. If the product does not live up to your expectation in any way, shape or form shoot me an email at beyondgrapplinghelp(at) and I’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

This $25 off special offer finishes in:

Access This Course Now For Only $41.97

*** This Is A Online Video Program. There Is No Physical DVD  ***

  • q-iconQuestion 1: Is this a one time payment or is there recurring month-to-month costs?

    The cross grip formula is a once off payment of $41.97, there are no hidden costs. After payment you may be taken to a page that offers you a product that does contain recurring payments, however this Cross Grip Formula is a once off payment.

  • q-iconQuestion 2: Can I refund if I don't like it?

    If you’re not satisfied for any reason in 60 days, you can request a full refund. No hassles. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  • q-iconQuestion 3: When can I access the content?

    After payment you will get instant access to stream the videos in the Cross Grip Formula. This will mean you save money on shipping costs etc.

  • q-iconQuestion 4: Can I download the videos?

    This is an online video course so you can stream the videos but not download them. However if  you would like to download them it will cost an additional $7. Simply email Matt at beyondgrapplinghelp(at) for more info

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