Learn simple and effective no gi takedowns to dominate your next tournament!

Dear Fellow Grappler,

It's Matt D’Aquino here. For those that don't know me I am a Judo Olympian and BJJ brown belt under Felipe Grez. I run a very popular YouTube channel with close to 7 million views and also own and operate both Beyondgrappling.com and BJJtakedowns.com. If you know anything about my, then you probably know that I love helping peoples takedown game.

Over the course of my grappling career I have done thousands and thousands of hours of Judo throws......but do you think that helped me when I went to my first wrestling practice?? Well, not really. My first wrestling class was a real eye opener to no gi throws and takedowns and how little my "judo moves' worked.

Now you might be sitting there saying, "yeah right Matt, are you telling me that after all those years of Judo, your no gi takedowns sucked?"

And I will say, "yes you are right. My no gi takedowns DID suck." Because I was way to gi dependant. I knew how to do the techniques, but my technique was loose and sloppy. This problem also happens with people who only train in the gi at BJJ. When they enter a no gi comp, they know the techniques, but aren't as sharp with the execution.


"No gi takedowns and Gi takedowns are similar but also different."

I started Judo at five years old and by fifteen I had literally won every Judo competition in the country. During the summer holiday break one year, I was looking for a sport to complement my Judo game, so I decided to give wrestling a shot.

But man o man was I in for a surprise. What I found was that my understanding of the mechanics and principles of the throws remained the same, but the execution is different.

After doing the regular warm up we moved into drilling our favourite techniques. It was here I was like, "Ummmm, well this is weird, where do I grip?." After a few reps I quickly noticed that I was leaving a lot of space with my techniques mainly because I was so familiar with the gi. The grips were a bit different and the setups and entries also slightly different but enough to throw me off.

So for the next few years I learnt not just how to wrestle, but how to implement my Judo throws in a no gi situation. Years later I have now learnt how to perform no gi takedowns in a submission grappling scenario, which is different to both a Judo and wrestling context.

Although at the beginning i was in struggle street.

But turns out I am not alone.

There are stacks of grapplers wanting to learn effective no gi takedowns specific for submission grappling and no gi Judo tournaments and a lot of them struggle going from the gi to no gi. And that's why I made this video series. I made this series to help people like you be able to implement no gi takedowns in no gi, MMA and wrestling competition.

This no gi takedowns video course is great if:

  • You are a Judo player looking at learning some no gi takedowns to help you in MMA or no gi submission grappling competitions.
  • You are sick and tired of 'slipping' out of so many no gi throws
  • You are wanting to learn simple, yet effective takedowns
  • If you are instructor who wants to learn sequenced techniques to teach your students.

Only $67

Over 3 hours of sequenced Instructional Videos

Here is a sneak peek into what each lesson and video looks like

One of the best ways to learn is through videos opposed to static photos in a book.

Each trip, takedown, ankle pick, throw and combination in this series is broken down into fine detail so you will know exactly how to perform each and every technique in the series.

  • Learn throws and takedowns that actually work for you and your body shape
  • String throws and takedowns together to get the most out of your attacks
  • Understand the no gi grip fighting game so you can control your opponent an dstop them attacking while setting up your own attacks
  • Gain a better understanding of what you are meant to be doing from collar ties, two on ones, front headlocks and underhooks
  • Increase your overall knowledge of the stand up game and learn how to implement your attacks more effectively

I this video package you will learn:

  • Learn simple and effective front headlock takedowns that will land you in knee ride, side control or leg drag
  • Discover how to switch smoothly between collar ties and front headlocks and front headlocks to russian ties so you can constantly be on the move, confusing your opponent and setting up your attacks
  • The single leg and double leg is one of the most powerful takedowns in no gi grappling. You will also learn multiple ways to shoot for doubles and singles from various positions.
  • Find out how to sequence various knee and ankle picks from the front headlock and russian tie to ensure your opponent is always under threat
  • Learn a really easy way to control your opponent from the two on one position - regardless of how big or strong they are
  • Many of these techniques I taught at the first ever Australian Grappling camp and a lot of these athletes went on and used my setups and tactics to place in various grappling comps
  • I even take the time to show you how to setup and hold the front headlock correctly - one thing that a lot of grappling coaches don't know shows you the correct way to hold onto the front headlock
  • I go over the dangers of various positions and show you what to look out for to ensure you don't get taken down
  • I show yo a really sneaky double leg takedown from a russian tie and from a front headlock - these two takedowns I used often when I wrestled
  • and loads more!

Here is what is included in this no gi series:

Module #1 Collar tie takedowns

In this video module Matt goes over how to get into the collar tie position as well as how to move using the collar tie. He then goes into the technique side of the collar tie teaching you over 15 different techniques. Many of these techniques build n one another so you can use them to attack your opponent over and over again, until you get the takedown.

Included are throws such as:

  • Duck unders to back takes
  • suplex
  • harai goshi
  • firemans carry
  • inside and outside trips
  • and more!

Total run time: 49 minutes

Module #2 Front Headlock Takedowns

Front headlock takedowns are Matts bread and butter. When Matt first started grappling he would often use these takedowns when defending the double leg, or after a fast snap down. Either way Matt shows you some simple and effective takedowns that land you in both knee ride and side control.

In addition Matt will show you are really nice front headlock movement into a double leg which will have surprise your opponent time and time again.

Total run time: 25 minutes

Module #3 Two on one attacks

The two on one is Matts go to position when fighting both in the gi or no gi. The two on one (or Russian Tie) is a very strong position that can lead to many takedown opportunities. In this video series Matt shows you 13 highly successful takedowns from here including:

  • Firemans carry
  • Inside trip and outside trips
  • Double legs
  • As well as a very nice koshi guruma when your opponent is defending strongly.

Total run time: 36 minutes

Module #4: Single leg and Double legs

The single and double leg takedown is a fundamental technique when fighting no gi. Once you learn these techniques you will start to see double legs and single legs everywhere. In this odule Matt shows you single and double legs from collar ties, two on ones, underhooks and more.

But Matt doesn't just show you how to get the single leg, he shows you over six ways to finish the single leg to ensure that once you grab that leg, you are going to get the takedown.

Total run time: 35 minutes

Module #5 Underhooks & Overhooks

This module is Jam packed with over 16 throwing techniques form the overhook and underhook. In this series Matt shows you how to bring your opponent to the floor using the underhook, how to set up more traditional Judo throws (such as harai goshi, uchimata, kosoto and ogoshi) as well as how to catch a smooth single leg using that same side underhook.

If you are a pure Judoka looking to start implementing some no gi Judo throws, then this is the module for you.

Total run time: 48 Minutes

Included is tons of no gi Judo techniques including:

  • Osoto gari
  • Harai goshi
  • Kouchi gari
  • Ouchi gari
  • Tani otoshi
  • Ura nage
  • Seoi nage
  • Kosot gari
  • Ogoshi
  • Kata guruma
  • and loads more!!

Here is what people say about Matt D'Aquino

Reid Reale

Matt ‘s Olympic level judo back ground combined with his love for jiu jitsu competition and grappling in general enables him to really distil what’s important and relevant for jiu jitsu guys. His focus on the transition between the stand up, takedown and ground work is incredibly valuable and detailed. The coaching methods and learning processes he uses to ensure athletes take onboard the skills are first rate. The best way to explain training with Matt is that ‘it just clicks’. I couldn’t recommend Matt more if anyone wants to improve their take downs for jiu jitsu.

Reid Reale BJJ Black belt
Josh Vogel

I’ve been following Matt’s online products for a few years now and I can honestly say that he puts out great stuff. His instruction is always clear, systematic and well thought out with appropriate detail given (without overloading with unnecessary information, which I can’t stand). I think it’s his unique mix of high level Judo experience, Brazilian Jiujitsu and wrestling experience combined with his knowledge of strength and conditioning that gives him a special insight into how to get this stuff across.

The other thing that I think is really appealing is that the prices that Matt charges for this material are super low for what he provides. He could easily charge 30 percent (sometimes more) more than what he charges and still be giving a great deal, but he keeps the products affordable for everyone.

In a nutshell, buy his stuff. He’s a good dude who charges fair prices for great material. What more can you ask for?”

Josh Vogel BJJ Black Belt (owner of the Slothreport.com)
Krishan Jogia

Matt is an encyclopedia of grappling knowledge.

Krishan Jogia BJJ athlete and Yoga instructor

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