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Here Is Why You Need This

Submission Combos uncovers all of the hidden details (meaning the details that you WILL NOT casually come across unless you train for 17 years like I have or you simply grab this) that will make you even more successful in finishing and transitioning from one submission to the next. Each technique will be backed up with easy to follow written commentary along with a clear explanation of how and why it works.

Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Got an extra 5 minutes a day? That's all you will need to let this material seep deeply into your brain. As Emerson once said "The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to it's original dimensions." You can be the strongest and fastest person in the room but without the know-how you will have a very difficult time training against a person who is in average shape but knows what to do and when. Knowledge is power. Submission Combos will rapidly fill your mind with submissions transitions and combinations so when you are training you will be on automatic pilot. You will feel a new surge of confidence and relaxation knowing because you will never run out of options again. Sound too good to be true? Well if you read and implement you will see for yourself!

Easy To Read Clear Pictures With Examples & Explanations

Who wants to sit around all day and study. Not me. I consider studying work. That is why I made this book fun and added cool stories about the techniques and their common usage. As human beings we remember stories and by reading this you will now associate them with techniques leaving the techniques forever cemented in your brain.

Triple Your Submission Finishes

99% of what's out there is what everyone else is already doing. This books main goal was to seek that 1% of  detail that will effectively make it work on everyone you train with if done at the right time. All you have to do now is take action.

"I have been training Jiu Jitsu for close to 15 years. I had a few massive breakthroughs and light-bulb moments reading this Book Ken. I am definitely going to be adding this stuff into my competition-game."

Stevie Linton - Team Ribeiro, Active Competitor & Multiple Time IBJJF Black Belt Medalist

"Using just a few of these techniques has already proven to make I'd say at least a 25% increase in my submission finishing rate. The key is to have a back up plan from one submission to the next. This book does just that. I also have my own academy so I often find myself teaching from Ken's book and my students are loving it."

Gregory Katsaros - Purple Belt, European, Worlds IBJJF Competitor 2016 and 2 x Greek National Champion 2013 & 2016.

Here Are The Fast Action Bonuses You Get When You Grab This Today...

Bonus#1 - Competition Proven Escapes

This ebook will prove to be life-saving. Having the confidence to know what the escape is to any situation will up your offensive game ten-fold. This book not only goes over defense and escapes. You will learn the most high percentage escapes to the most difficult situations. In writing this book I researched the go to escapes and asked myself if I only had one escape to a particular situation what is the most high percentage. That's how game-changing this book is.

Bonus#2 - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grip Breaking Formula

After reading this book you will understand why grip-breaking has less to do with grip strength and more to do with technical know-how. There are very subtle techniques that will allow you to break grips and most importantly nullify them even if you can't break them (this is rarely talked about but a key breakthrough within the grip battle).

Bonus#3 - Single Leg X Guard For 2016 And Beyond

All the hype is around this position. I'll tell you why, it's very simple and effective. You don't have to be great at Jiu Jitsu to make this work. You just have to know how to do it. This ebook goes over all of the most efficient and effective set ups and scenarios to finish from this position. This is the one piece of my game I developed this year and have had the most success with.

So... How much for all of this Ken?

You're gonna think there's a catch to all of this after you find out the price.

There is!

You have to implement. That's all!

Most people who get BJJ books or dvds simply glance at the material and let it sit on the shelves. I'm of the opinion that even if you just check out 10% of this stuff it's going to make a dramatic difference in your Jiu Jitsu Game - and fast.

Listen, I charge between 125-175 dollars for a private lesson. I am going on my 8th year as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

If I were to teach you all of this stuff in person you would have to pay me thousands of dollars. I put everything I know about each technique in the detail section in this ebook. On top of the thousands of dollars you will save I even spent thousands more traveling the world searching for this stuff from many of the top world champions out there today. Then spending thousands more competing across the globe personalizing what works and what doesn't against the very best. This book will become a scientific formula of knowledge for you that you simply will not see elsewhere.

This ebook with the 8 bonus ebooks is only $5 bucks. That's right, about as much as 2 coffees.

Why so cheap Ken?

First of all, I want people who are serious and will take immediate action.

Second, I want you to use this stuff and see how well it works for you. When you are hitting submissions you never thought were possible hopefully you will one day get more from me. Without the support from people like you I'm nothing.

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I am willing to take all the risk when you invest your 5 dollars into these ebooks. Read Submission Combinations and the other 3 Bonus Ebooks and if you are not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all you can keep all of these ebooks and get a full refund on me, no questions asked.

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