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Video #1 Effective no gi chokes

If you are a no gi grappler, or looking at doing some no gi fighting then you need to know how to choke your opponent WITHOUT the gi! IF you don't know anoy no gi chokes then you are going to be in trouble.

In this 40 minute video Matt details a number of sequenced no gi chokes such as the Darce choke, anaconda choke, peruvian necktie and more. He also shows you a really smooth head and arm choke he learnt from Royler Gracie back in 2007. If you're a submission grappler then this video will help you understand how to chain chokes together to ensure you are always on the offensive.


Video #2 No gi armbars

In this Module Matt outlines in detail, how to flow from kimura, to straight armbar to far side armbar. Flowing betwen submissions is one of the best ways to not only improve your grappling, but also make your opponent feel completely helpless. Many of the submissions in this video start in the kesa gatame position and end up with you getting the submission win.

This video is great if you often land in scarf hold after a throw and don't know what submission to flow into next. The techniques Matt shows you are simple, yet very effective and a great way to win those no gi fights.

Video #3 Matts back attacks

As a smaller grappler Matt found it very hard to finish rear naked chokes against bigger, stronger opponents. But after spending some time with his coach Felipe Grez as well as watching countless instructionals by the best in the world Matt has finally got a back attack game worth teaching. In this video he outlines how he sets up his rear naked choke, how to pin the arm as well as multiple ways to cinch in the rear naked.

If you are a lightweight grappler, or train with opponents bigger than you, then this is the back attacks video for you.

You also get my best selling BJJ Takedowns Package which includes:

Video #4 How to fight a bent over opponent

Discover Matts Unique approach to fighting a bent over opponent in BJJ or Freestyle Judo competition. Matts approach doesn't just include takedowns, but he uses the gi in such a way to snap his opponent to the floor.

  • Learn how to analyse your opponents posture and footwork before you attack
  • Use your opponents gi and movement to bring them to the floor
  • Included multiple sumi gaeshi entries as well as three super smooth standing guard passes after the snap down

Video #5 How To sprawl and stop double legs

In this video Matt shows you a number of ways to prevent a double leg takedown using your grips, sprawling and more. Many of these techniques Matt learnt from his competitive wrestling days.

  • Learn how to control your opponents hands to prevent his attacks
  • Find out how to sprawl hard to prevent follow up attacks from your opponent
  • Learn a variety of nice back takes that will ensure your opponent never attempts another double leg as well as setting you up to win

Video #6 Left vs right attacks

In this 45 minute video Matt teaches you a ton of attacks you can do when you and your opponent are standing in opposite stances - either left vs right or right vs left.

  • How to use the easiest BJJ takedown ever and finish in the knee ride position every time
  • Telegraph a leg sweep and knee pick so you can finish with a super powerful Osoto gari technique.
  • Learn a Georgian style Tani otoshi technique that smashes your opponent and leaves you in a tight side control.

Video #7 Right vs right attacks

Discover takedowns you can use when you and your opponent are fighting with the same stance.

  • Learn one of Matts most effective Osoto gari attacks, with this technique your opponents doesn't know what hit them!
  • Find out how a high grip and a running leg grab can set up a smooth and powerful fireman's carry
  • Know how to drag your opponent forwards and set them up for inside trips

Video #8 Judo Grip Breaks for BJJ Comps

Grip fighting is one of the most important aspects of Judo and BJJ competition. If your opponent doesn't have their grip then they will not be able to throw you, sweep you, armbar or choke you. Whoever controls the grips controls the game - it's that simple.

  • Simple and effective grip breaks that anyone can do
  • With these grip fighting skills you will start controlling more fights and get thrown less

Video #9 Powerful Front headlock takedowns

This video is stacked full of techniques you can do after securing front headlock, either from a failed double leg or because you snap your opponent down. These are the techniques I learnt back in my freestyle wrestling days.

  • Discover 7 Ways to take your opponent down from the front headlock
  • Learn a simple way to take their back from a standing position.
  • These techniques work both gi and no-gi.

Video #10 Foam Roller Stretches

In this video Matt takes you through a number of foam roller stretches to release tension caused by hard grappling training. Couple these techniques with rehydration and a protein rich meal for faster recovery so you can hit the mats sooner.

  • Increase recovery time
  • Feel great
  • Increase flexibility

Video #11 Half guard gi system

As competitive grappler you need to know how to pass or submit when you are on top in half guard. In this 25 minute video Matt outlines his half guard system for you to use. You will learn how to control the head AND hips in order to pass the half guard.

Matt also shows you a really sneaky (and mean) belly down cutting armbar you can do when you are on top, he learnt this technique from the Japanese Judo team. Matt also teaches you a number of passes from both normal half guard as well as reverse half guard.
Lastly he finishes by answering the question, "How do you escape your leg when they do the lockdown."

Video #12 18 Armbars from guard

In this video Matt shows you 18 armbars you can do from guard. Like all of Matt's stuff, these submissions are sequenced to ensure you can go from one submission to another, depending on your opponents reaction.

This video is jam packed with juji gatames, kimuras, oma platas,,frank mir locks and more! Matt even finishes the video with submissions you can do from a failed triangle.

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